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S12: Felling Love for Women
(guan guan gao cao)

Cooked rehmannia root, tangkuei root, white peony root, ligusticum root, corydalis tuber, red peony root, cyperus root, ovate atractylodes rhizome, jujube licorice root.
As for Felling Love for Women, this product, sourced from American affectation within 15 minutes, suitable for women. It's a combination of melation and penis canitis, it's an efficatiousoestrus-inducing dragmaking you quickly reach climax to enjoy pleasures of boudoir and to ideal feeling. It proved by action: replenish the woman, increasing remedy, reinforce the kidney and spleen, bring up the yin and you ngenergies.
To be taken orally, one capsule per time, 30 minutes before intercourse.
2 capsules/packet
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